The ZoomIn project brings together 8 partners from 5 EU countries, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. The team has complementary experience and expertise in the fields of entrepreneurship, start-up, digital and transversal skills support, as well as the development of technical solutions in training interventions for the support of entrepreneurship among diverse social groups and economic actors, combining research with market and technical knowledge. Partners are meeting regularly in different cities, hosted at the premises of the different partners (Kick-off meeting in Athens, project meetings in Leipzig, Palma de Mallorca, Aarhus).

  • Aarhus University
  • Meet Magento Association
  • Knowl Social Enterprise
  • WeLoveStartups
  • Hellenic Society for Positive Psychology
  • Praxis Hispania
  • Innovation Training Center (ITC)
  • Aarhus University

    Aarhus University

    The Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH) is part of Aarhus BSS, one of the four faculties at Aarhus University. Aarhus BSS holds the distinguished accreditations AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS for its business-related activities.

    BTECH has approximately 1,800 students (about 1,100 are full-time students and 700 part-time students). The department has around 100 full time employees, including technical and administrative personnel. Additionally, the department employs 80 part-time teachers.

    The department's focus is on research and educational excellence and offers four undergraduate and two graduate study programmes as well as a number of part-time studies all within engineering, business economics, management and communication and multimedia. Furthermore, Aarhus School of Engineering offers the Electronic Engineer degree programme and the pre-admission course for engineering programmes at Campus Herning.

    The study programmes offered by BTECH are based on interaction across professional boundaries as well as close interaction with students and the surrounding business community. All study programmes have an innovative and international perspective.

    Furthermore, BTECH is home to a number of externally funded knowledge and research centres, including one Nordic Centre of Excellence and a Stanford Peace Innovation Lab in collaboration with Stanford University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institution. BTECH's research is anchored with five professorships and includes innovation and business development, entrepreneurship, energy technologies, IT development, climate adaptation and the wind energy industry. Besides offering degree courses, the department is also home to a number of R&D centres and projects. Read more about the research at the Department of Business Development and Technology. The department was originally founded in 1995 as a result of a merger between the Engineering College of Western Jutland and the Central Jutland Business School. The merger with Aarhus University in 2006 resulted in an even higher academic level and an increased focus on research and development.

  • Meet Magento Association

    Meet Magento Association

    Since 2009, Meet Magento connects people and players of e-Commerce and the shop system Magento. As official partner of Magento Commerce, Meet Magento creates and supports Magento ecosystems and networks around the globe. With Meet Magento conferences in 30 countries and partner networks that spread around the world, Meet Magento Association connects and supports the Magento community on local and global levels.

    As main touching point for everybody around Magento e-Commerce, Meet Magento Association is contributing to training and education in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, e.g. by creating Innovation Think Tanks around the globe in order to connect start-uppers, entrepreneurs, innovators and IT professionals. The ITT’s main purpose is to support and enable young people in being successful with their business and to benefit from a worldwide network of the most important players in e-commerce, retail and technology.

  • Knowl Social Enterprise

    Knowl Social Enterprise

    Social Enterprise knowl (S.E. knowl) for Education and Lifelong Learning is a Collective Social Cooperative Enterprise, an innovative, dynamic, participatory, grassroots network, adhering to the principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship.

    Knowl gives great emphasis to the free provision of education and training to vulnerable social groups, supporting the fight against unemployment, marginalisation and poverty. Overall, since its establishment in 2012, knowl has already offered free education and skills training services to more than 2.500 people (NEETs, unemployed, wantepreneurs) and has (co)organised free interactive educational seminars for more than 5.000 participants.

    Its flagship, pioneer, awarded (Special Education Business Award 2016) project Mellon Skills Accelerator for personalised skills empowerment for unemployed market (re)integration, implemented with the cooperation of Municipal authorities with high unemployment rates in the region of Attica (Greece), has already produced remarkable results. In just 16 months, professional skills of 1.789 citizens have been strengthened, more than 1.500+ training hours have been offered for free and more than 19 open seminars have been organized with the support of a volunteer network of 100+ Mellon Experts and Mellon Angels. Moreover, 1 in 2 participants have found a job corresponding to their professional profiles.

    Moreover, S.E. knowl has developed a number of innovative learning models for personal and professional development, such as STARS Success Yourself©, a workshop accredited by the International Coach Federation and characterized as best practice by the top management of major organizations and companies in Greece, such as the Road Public Transport S.A. (OSY), the Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Korres Natural Products, Jungheinrich Hellas Ltd.

    S.E. knowl also constitutes a key partner and initiator, in numerous European projects co-funded by the European Commission/DG Education and Culture, with a track record of already 15 European projects, designing and developing pioneer educational and skills training content. Moreover, S.E. knowl participates in the development and publication of position and consultation papers, critical reviews, studies, reports, researches on methods and impact of mentoring in various fields of application.

    S.E. knowl is implementing numerous large-scale awareness-raising activities such as the ongoing “BE THE CAUSE” social campaign, mobilising civil society and private sponsors for supporting civil society initiatives and is an official member of the policy instrument Grand Coalition for Jobs, under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Interior, addressing the high rates of women unemployment in the ICT sector.

  • WeLoveStartups


    WeLoveStartups is a Danish non-profit association established in Dec. 2014. Official purpose: ”To create more innovative startups in Denmark, the Nordics and in time Europe” through handing out funding, mentors, network and PR (branding). We focus our help on innovative early stage entrepreneurs. We have received more than 400 business plans (entrepreneurial applications) and supported 9 early stage startups with funding (grants) and hundreds through mentors, network and events. Of the 400 entrepreneurial applications, 60 % focus on tech and/or digitalization and approximately 80 % are in the ages 18-29.

    Furthermore, we are developing a new online “one-stop-shop” system called ”FasTrack”. The FasTrack will enable startups to find all relevant information they need for growing their startups, and the system will make this process interactive and intuitive, saving the entrepreneur’s time and optimizing their chances of success. Specifically it covers all relevant organizations, events, guides, entrepreneurial communities and governmental demands, through links to more than 800 different sites. Including, but not limited to, Communication, Branding, Marketing, Online selling, Finance, Networking, Design and Analytics. All links are given neutral descriptions, and made interactive through the visiting entrepreneurs giving data, where after the most relevant links are highlighted and less relevant information defocused (in Denmark only but available in English). The FasTrack will in the future include webinars, vlogs and funding guides, etc. All perfectly relevant for enabling digital/tech talents to use their talents entrepreneurially. Furthermore, it will include matchmaking opportunities through giving the entrepreneurs access to communicating with other related users. In addition, we are publishing weekly video interviews with new entrepreneurs (Humans of Startups) who are on the track to success, enabling them to share their experiences, inspire future entrepreneurs and ask viewers for help, while marketing their abilities.
  • Hellenic Society for Positive Psychology

    Hellenic Society for Positive Psychology

    The establishment of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology is the direct outcome of two main factors: firstly, it's the product of maturation of the Greek positive emotions' research team and secondly an undertaking encouraged by the recent developments in the field of Positive Psychology.

    The positive emotions’ research team was founded in 1998 at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, in Greece. The team consisted of doctoral, master and bachelor degree students that shared a common interest in positive emotions and positive psychology, along with the desire to participate in research programs relative to positive psychology variables. Today, after all these years, the members of this team have received their diplomas and they are working as psychologists or researchers in various fields, yet, they still share the same faith that positive psychology can help in the development of new practices as well as in the further progress of Psychology. These brilliant scientists are the core of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology.

    What is more, during the past 12 years the field of Positive Psychology has flourished and is currently treated with respect by other colleagues. The initial mistrust and critique have given their place to acknowledgment. Positive Psychology’s theories and research results have attracted the attention of many psychologists from different fields in an effort to investigate new applications and interpretative frameworks. Variables, such as psychological resilience, life meaning, life satisfaction, curiosity, «flow», «broadening», subjective happiness, values and well being have emerged through positive psychology studies and are currently investigated in relation to learning, cognitive skills, neuropsychological and psychotherapeutic processes.

    In this context, we define our role as to initiate research, applications and theory regarding Positive Psychology in Greece, while on the other hand to contribute to the international arena of research.

    The Hellenic Society for Positive Psychology works towards three directions:

    [1] Develop new knowledge

    • Further advance the scientific understanding of the basic mechanisms and principles of Positive Psychology
    • Incorporate Positive Psychology principles into the on-going research for the promotion and understanding of human growth and well-being.
    • Explore, locate and develop traits, qualities and processes, which nurture the growth of people, groups and organizations.

    [2] Promote research

    • Build and standardize instruments for the measurement of personal traits, behaviors and, in general, phenomena that are relevant to Positive Psychology.
    • Systematically explore and test techniques for the successful application of Positive Psychology in the fields of physical and mental health, psychotherapy, education, organizational behavior and sports, on an individual, group or organizational level.

    [3] Create awareness and educate

    • Provide scientists, practitioners, organizations and the general public with information on the principles, applications and new developments in the field of Positive Psychology.
    • Design and deliver research and educational programs as well as counseling and psycho-educational interventions intended for health practitioners, educators, social scientists and researchers, schools, hospitals, organizations, families, communities and everyone interested in the domain of Positive Psychology

  • Praxis Hispania

    Praxis Hispania

    Praxis MMT is a solid international company founded by experts in the development of business decision emulation models. MMT Simulations© and Praxis MMT unique training methodologies are used in learning institutions and human resources, training and consulting companies throughout the world, and every year help over 20,000 professionals and students to acquire practical experience in business management.

    Praxis MMT has adopted its “praxis makes perfect” philosophy into its training style, which reflects the keys to business training: hands-on learning, by trial and error, with interference of others and based on results.

    Praxis MMT is different from the rest of companies offering business simulations, since it was founded to develop simulations aimed at helping companies in decision making, not to create models to be applied only for training purposes. Hence, we believe that a business simulation should faithfully reproduce the behavior of the business reality being emulated. That is why we have become leaders in innovation to achieve the highest degree of realism:

    1. MMT Simulations© are not based on abstract or canned scenarios, but on actual markets.
    2. MMT Simulations© precisely reproduce the behavior of the markets being emulated.
    3. The number of decision variables incorporated into our simulations is very high, far superior to our competitors' products. Maximum breadth and depth.
    4. There is real direct competition among participating companies.
    5. The MMT Method allows to go a step further and reproduce plan implementation.

    As a result, the degree of realism and a level of complexity of MMT Simulations© are far superior to those of any other simulation, offering a wide range of applications, together with the MMT Method, in various fields:

    1. Academia (high schools, universities and business schools).
    2. Business Games.
    3. Human Resources (recruitment, organizational development, personnel assessment, training and internal promotion).
    4. Management (predictive simulations for decision making).

  • Innovation Training Center (ITC)

    Innovation Training Center (ITC)

    Innovation Training Center (ITC) is a training and consultancy organization based in Palma de Mallorca (ES) who offers a wide range of services regarding innovative materials and services (R+D+I approach) to promote innovation in learning, entrepreneurship and support to start ups with a focus in tourism and service sector.

    It is based in PARC BIT (ParcBit, Parc balear d'innovació tecnològica, a specific park to promote innovation in ICT for companies and SMEs mainly focusing on those of the Tourism sector. Its consolidation and experience has allowed them to create a specific R & D department for the development and implementation of Innovation projects. Its interdisciplinary team of experts has participated and managed a wide range of R & D projects and has built an intensive networking experience with various private and public organisations: governmental institutions, technology centres and public research organizations at local, regional, national, European and international level.

    It counts on a team of middle aged and also senior workers very motivated and full of innovative and creative ideas that may not only provide good deliverables but also provide their input towards the sustainability and the further exploitation of the project results.



    R&Do researches, designs, develops and manages integrated ICT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software systems. The company specialises in educational online platforms, ICT tools mobile applications, pioneer ICT projects, fostering the development of ICT skills of young and adult learners, contributing to vocational training for employability, promoting growth and innovation, supporting different sectors with a focus on the tourism, agriculture, environment and telecommunications industry. R&DO also designs and implements communication strategies and activities, produces dissemination material and handles both traditional and digital media. In this respect it has undertaken numerous projects, such as the development of cultural networks, running of campaigns and other community building initiatives. Among its major clients are: the Benakion Phytopathological Institute (design and development of website and communication strategy; production of various dissemination videos in the frames of the LIFE project “Conops”); Casino Mon Parnes (Pokergod, online trivia poker game for promotion of gaming offline sites); Militos Consulting S.A. (websites and campaigns in the frame of EU and non-EU projects and other clients), MSCOMM S.A. (design and production of online platforms supporting the Global Entrepreneurship Week,, the International Association to Save Tyre/ AIST (design and implementation of network community building and platform development).

    R&DO is also partner to various co-funded European projects, including the Lifelong Learning Projects Farm inc., Taxistars, Core-VET, High Heels, Pest Practice and the Erasmus+ projects Intraprise, Rooms to VET, Succession, SocialUp, the WineLab, etc., being mainly responsible for platforms, websites and dissemination. R&Do team is formed by Senior Developers and Web designers and is well known for their high quality work and forward thinking. The company aims to the continuous development and commercialisation of innovative ideas in the form of products and services, mainly based on ICT.