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Zoomin is an EU co-funded project under the Erasmus+ programme looking into digital skill specialization among the ‘digital natives’ generation (ages 18-29), with the aim of transforming their everyday digital knowledge to digital wisdom, ready to be exploited in professional settings, with an emphasis to their capitalisation for the building of sustainable start-ups and the promotion of entrepreneurship.
The project, in cooperation with entrepreneurs, start-uppers, digital and transversal skills experts, as well as developers of technical solutions in training interventions will couple in a training manner the ‘wise’ and informed use of digital skills with the start-up route from idea to business, to establishment and further strengthening and development.
The ZoomIn project brings together 8 partners from 5 EU countries, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. The team has complementary experience and expertise in the fields of entrepreneurship, start-up, digital and transversal skills support, as well as the development of technical solutions in training interventions for the support of entrepreneurship among diverse social groups and economic actors, combining research with market and technical knowledge.
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The ZoomIn project and European partners are open to collaboration and synergies with interested stakeholders across Europe and beyond! Contact us to explore available channels of cooperation. Some of our synergies so far

Turning digital skills

into start-up skills for young entrepreneurs